Dholera SIR Land Rates

March 23, 2013 at 16:46



The Dholera SIR project is out to put India with the elite countries in terms of modernization and living standards. The Government of Gujarat has declared Dholera, SIR (Special Investment Region) and plans to include 22 villages in a plan to raise a city on par with the biggest cities in the world. This ultra modern city will be connected by 6 lane highways and high speed metro rails, and also through the Pipavav port. Apart from there will be civic amenities and infrastructure of the highest qualities apart from being eco friendly with facilities such as solar energy, water treatment and recycling etc.

Forbes has already put Dholera SIR among the top 12 fastest growing cities in the world and it is set to become one of the biggest economic hubs of India, making it a sound option of land investment in the process. And while it is a very attractive opportunity, one has to be smart in investing in it as the rates for land plots in the same SIR region may be different from each other. The reason for these differences for land rates in the same SIR region are as follows:

Land rates are dependent on certain factors such as owner’s evaluation/ need, payment terms/ time, phase, location, DP zone and other such factors. If clear title of the land is not available with the survey number, transferring the ownership to your name may be a difficulty and may also get caught up in a legal mess so land title matters. The land in the SIR is divided into three phases of development with every phase of ten years; the land in Phase 1 will pay better.

Land from Nava Mathi Juni, though commanding a higher rate than land from Navi Sharat makes for a better investment as a 40% Jantri premium rate will need to be paid while developing the Navi Sharat land during N.A. (Non Agricultural). Proximity to places of interest or transportation such as airports, metro station, highway and other developments are always a plus point as you can always these places can always sway the returns on your investment in your favor. Before investing, it is advisable to refer the D.P. (Development Plan) and know more about the zone and its valuation from experts. If you are interested you can always get land outside the 22 chosen villages for much lower prices than in the SIR region.

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