Investment Sectors in Dholera SIR

April 4, 2013 at 06:09



The Dholera SIR is expected to be a game changer when it comes to investment and job creation opportunities. The total development area of 9225 hectares with its varied mix of infrastructural activity that will precede and will be ongoing is likely to provide employment to more than 3,40,000 workers.

The reasons for this optimism are the investment sectors about to set foot in the Dholera SIR as under:

Heavy Engineering

This is one of the important industries expected to play a huge role with opportunities in heavy equipment supply, installation of huge electrical accessories such as power generators, submission transformers, and circuit breakers and so on. The section also includes the supply of machinery for diverse requirements in areas like concrete, sugar, exploration and metallurgy, central heating boilers, perfection machine tools and material handling devices. Heavy transporting equipment such as rail coaches would also be put into force.

Automobiles and its Ancillaries

The manufacture of heavy trucks, trailers, trawlers along with other auto ancillaries is expected to get a boost. This is an industry that is labour intensive and would be able to easily absorb local available labour into its fold.

Electronics, Hi-tech and value add industries

The above mentioned industries will cater to the production of a variety of electronic items. Consumer electronics, communication equipment, industrial electronics and automotive based electronic items will be the focus areas with wafer fabrication and other nanotechnology based items also adding to the list. Development of cryogenics will also be encouraged and due support will be extended for this purpose.

Pharmaceuticals And Biotechnology

Gujarat has always been at the helm of providing high quality pharmaceutical products. The Dholera SIR will help to strengthen this position even more through the setting up of an entire value chain based line of industries in contract research, contract manufacturing, biotechnological manufacture, APIs, biopharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic medicines and so on. Intermediates as well as production of fine chemicals are also expected to be part of this huge setup that would also encourage research and development activities.

The Biotechnology focus would benefit agriculture, marine, healthcare, environmental and industrial sectors to name a few.

Metal Products

Yet another big industry with the scope to attract investment is the metals and metallurgical one. The Dholera SIR though does not intend to get into the production of metals through ore extraction. That has already been a success in other parts of India due to the logistical advantage of having mines close to the production unit. Since Gujarat does not have this luxury of captive mines, the accent would be on encouraging the secondary production of metals like steel, fabricated items like pipes, furniture, re rolled products and the like. There is no cost advantage to get the raw metal from other parts into Dholera or to import it either.

The sourcing instead would be done from the Alang ship breaking yard and copper too would be sourced from the huge smelter at Dahej.

General Manufacturing

This is one area where there is a lot of scope. The manufacturing units would be able to act as feeder suppliers for many industries in the packaging, tooling, ceramics, technical textiles, bathroom fittings and others in the whole value chain command. There are a number of upstream as well as downstream industries that would need regular supply of spares to maintain their running operations.

The above investment sectors are only a few of the many others that are being planned for Dholera SIR. These core sectors will surely feed into and support various other smaller industries to make Dholera SIR a very attractive investment and progress oriented project.

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