Reviews Of Dholera SIR

March 23, 2013 at 16:45



The Government of Gujarat has declared Dholera, a town in Gujarat, an SIR (Special Investment Region). A total of 22 villages have been chosen to be urbanized into an ultra modern city that will be connected by 6 lane highway and high speed metro rail, apart from the port connectivity with Pipavav port. For the first time in India, a city is being planned keeping International Standards in mind. Forbes has declared that Dholera SIR is among the top 12 fastest growing cities of the world.

Here is what some important people have to say about this project that is going to put India on the world map in terms of modern living standards and facilities. The CEO of GIDB (Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board), Mr. AK Sharma, says that developments from the DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) and SIR are to be expected and that it is for the first time that India is experiencing such developments. He goes on to say that SIR will be major centers of economic activities and that it will not only affect Gujarat’s economy but also India’s and the world’s economy.

Mr. Amitabh Kant, Managing Director of DMICDC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation) has given his full support to the Indian government regarding the SIR project. He says that SIR will transform Dholera into a smart eco friendly city with various urban facilities like water treatment and recycling. It will also have transportation systems that are super fast, solar energy; the infrastructure and community facilities will be of high quality.

The President of the London chamber of Commerce, Mr. Subhas Thakrar, says Gujarat is leading the way in high scale SIR developments and that London Commerce has agreed on a long term oriented MOU with the GIDB for collaboration on business transactions. Mr. P.N. Shukla, Director of DFCCIL (Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India) believes that the development of the Dedicated Fright Corridor will prove to be a strong support and propel the growth of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development and Logistics Park.

Mr. Tim Gamon, Director of Halcrow, has taken the time to say that all the essentials that are needed in the building of a top-notch infrastructure have been integrated in the eventual planning of this Dholera SIR. Mr. AK Sharma has insisted that all the legal framework and administrative mechanisms needed for the execution of carrying out these plans have been put in place.

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