The Dholera SIR Project

March 13, 2013 at 09:02



The Dholera Project – Holds A Lot Of Promise

Dholera Special Investment Region or DSIR as it is now known promises to be the next huge industrial hub in the State of Gujarat. It is situated on a Greenfield site 100 km to the south of Ahmedabad and only 130 km from Gandhinagar. The venture is the first investment area that has been designated under the suggested Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC), which is collaboration between India and Japan. The idea is to carve a zone of hectic industrial development all along the Dedicated Freight Corridor.

Broad Contours

This SIR will, in a broad sense, be comprised of different zones. These will include residential, financial, processing, commercial and manufacturing to name a few. All of them will have the backing of world class infrastructure such as clean drinking water, cleanliness and other aspects related to a top industrial hub.

Considering various aspects like accessibility to government land, the number of inhabitants within the impacted towns, instances of flooding during monsoon, proximity to the city of Ahmedabad, easy access to the ports and airports, a final delineation or space layout has been carved out for this SIR.

This consists of 22 villages within the Ahmedabad Region of which 19 are within the Dhanduka Taluka and 3 are within Bharvala taluka. An expanse of around 872 Sq. Kms will thus be earmarked for the SIR. However, the actual growth of the SIR from the urban development perspective is expected to be roughly 500 Sq. Kms (50000 Hectares).

The SIR will make full use of its proximity to the sea coast and salubrious environment to develop Nature parks, golf courses and provide all the necessary premium civic facilities to its inhabitants. There is also a proposal to connect it to Ahmedabad through the metro rail.

What has been the progress till now?

The progress has been quite heartening in that the pre-feasibility study as well as identification of the entire location has been completed. Actual work has begun on the central road and the notification for the delineation of the 879 sq.kms has also been done.

One of the top planning consultants from the UK, Halcrow have been roped in to the do the master planning activity and other ground work related to seismological, environment as well as water logging aspects are being carried out concurrently.

Lucrative opportunities beckon in Dholera SIR

With such a massive project getting underway, the opportunities for those in the infrastructure, construction, project development, execution fields are tremendous. They can look forward to building industrial parks, complete townships, hospitals; create water and sanitation facilities and so on.

The potential for making the SIR into a multi-modal hub for transportation due to its proximity to many of the northern States within India is also a huge one. The Dholera Special Investment Region can thus be considered to have the promise for developing into a global hub for manufacturing and trading and act as the engine for economic growth of India.

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