Visions and Objectives of Dholera SIR

March 13, 2013 at 09:04



What is DSIR all about?

The Dholera SIR project is a real estate dream project of the present chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. The project has a property which includes almost all sectors, be it the commercial wing, residential, manufacturing, entertainment, financial or the educational sectors. The DSIR project also proposes for international standard architecture related to infrastructure, in designing roads, sanitation facilities, and water requirements. Some of the top developers already showed up their initiatives to be a part of this prestigious project.

The three most influential companies who have contributed are:

  • Mr Sabir Bhatia and his group in setting up the Nano city
  • USEL who took the initiative for Urban mixed Park.

The Area of the Project:

According to the proposed plan that is sanctioned, the project will cover 500 square kilometers of area.

The Vision behind the DSIR Project:

The main outlook behind setting up the Dholera SIR project is to have a global or an international platform for the information technology sector and development, related to manufacture.

They have showcased their projection for the Dholera SIR project as the following:

  • They target towards helping the local industrial zones, providing better environment for investors, a good standard of life to experience and lastly creating infrastructures which will be accepted globally.
  • They also want to generate better employment faculties, better per capita output as compared to the present output and improved export import facility by the modifications of the port communication in the coming five years from now.

The Objectives of this Prestigious Project:

  • Their main objective lies in establishing a good management with standard regulations and operations for a large region of Investment and also for areas related to industries in Gujarat.
  • To showcase their talent to the international market as a home for development and infrastructure.
  • The project area will be surrounded with the best standards of civil facilities to mankind, with centers for excellence and frameworks for policies and global infrastructure.

 The Salient Features of the Dholera SIR Project:

  • Better administration with good mechanism.
  • In the operation of the process, there will be autonomy in regulation.
  • While making decisions there will be chances given to all.
  • In planning, there will be full freedom to customize.
  • Best practices will be taken as a commitment.
  • The participation related to the private sectors will be a fair call; no one will be debarred on that aspect.
  • The environment will be totally equipped to carry out frameworks related to PPP.

Finally, the opportunities that the people and state will get through the Dholera SIR project:

  • They will build knowledge cities, township projects and industrial sectors for the development
  • They will create good living standards which will include the rails, hospitals, sanitations, water, roads and hospitality.
  • They will set up the international airport and metro rail connections which will connect with the heart of the city.
  • The foreign marketers and investors will get world class transport to carry out their smooth business.


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