Why Land Investment in Dholera SIR

March 24, 2013 at 06:03



There are a number of reasons as to why an investment in land is still perceived as a much better option than investing in a flat or ready office space when it comes to the Dholera SIR project. Before we go into the reasons specific to the Dholera SIR project, it is necessary to understand the scope and availability of other investment options that you have such as bullion, stocks, fixed income instruments and so on.

With so many financial problems being faced by countries like Greece, Spain and now Cyprus, the global as well as domestic investors are moving away from investments in stocks and commodities to something more tangible. Land investments have traditionally been seen as a low danger financial commitment that can generate a much better reward than any other conventional financial commitment. The Dholera SIR project represents a wonderful opportunity for such entry level investment in land. Land being a limited source, its possession will surely bring in amazingly profitable possibilities. If past statistics are to be studied, the land prices have always shot up over time and particularly in a place like India, you never have enough land to accommodate the housing needs of the vast population.

When you get in at the right time and invest in land in the Dholera SIR project, you will gain tremendously due to the cost of acquisition of land being much lower now. As the pace of work increases, the value will appreciate rapidly. As opposed to waiting for a ready construction apartment in the Dholera SIR project, where you stand to lose 30-40% of the area due to the built up and super built up concept, the appreciation you get from a plot of land is for 100% of the area. Investments in ready flats and offices are laden with inherent risks, because of the fact that you do not have any precise knowledge about the strength of the building materials, and then, natural calamities can also prove to be disastrous for buildings. Then, constructed properties always come with accompanying development charges, and several other hidden charges, and land investments are free from these.

Since you cannot create fresh land quickly, a land parcel at a good location would always give you more return as people migrating to new cities like Dholera would want to have houses and offices constructed on the available land.

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